Custom Cigarette Boxes

How to balance cigarette product safety?

Although, smokers need to get a fashion statement in their Cigarette wrapping. Therefore, we are presenting the alluring and tempting methods for tobacco companies to grasp their potential customer’s attention. We provide secure and safe packaging, which keeps the delicate Cigarette safe by avoiding damages during shipping.


Dimensions Any Custom Size/Style/Shape/Design
Printing CMYK, PMS, Digital and Plain (Non-Printed)
Card Stock 10pt to 28pt Kraft, Cardboard, Corrugated and Colored Stock.
Quantities 50 boxes to start with
Add – On Custom Die Cut Window, Silver/Gold Foiling, Embossing, Stamping.
Proofing Flat View, 3D Digital Proofing, Physical Sampling (On request)
Coating/Finish Gloss Finish, Matte Finish, Spot UV, Spread UV and Blind UV etc…
Default Process Die Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, Pasted, Assembled and Flat Ship
Turn Around Time 4-6 Business Day to Dispatch, Rush/Expedite

Custom Cigarette Boxes is a typical way to wrap products safely from extreme levels of dirt, moisture, and harsh environmental pollutants. Our suppliers are used:

  • Cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated materials
  • We add different handles and practical features
  • We stimulate your customers’ interest by creating the ultimate marketing design on a box.
  • Our designed bunding adds protective layers into delicate cigarettes.
  • We promise our brilliantly covers increase your product life on shelves and meet consumers’ demands.
  • So dazzle your customers by providing them high quality and flexible boxes to make your business stand out among the competition.

Give an overview of featured cigarette packaging boxes wholesale

  • Promote your product with our top-notch custom cigarette boxes wholesale

If you run a tobacco company and have concerns about the rejection of customers. Hence, your product packaging plays a crucial role which usually comes with your marketing information and instructions. The customers are generally attracted by the outlook and distinctive display of your product. Therefore, we endow with special featured cigarette boxes wholesale with an imprinted logo of your brand that makes unique identification and distinguished your name from others. The different flavors of cigarettes can be promoted successfully in our packaging. Designers at Custom Packaging Hub designed high-quality cardboard cigarette boxes wholesale that could be an all-time favorite for your customers. We try to increase the styling sense among customers by showcasing your brand differently.

  • Make a unique identity

The unappealing packaging can’t attract customers to your brand. In considering this, we always come up with attractive and tempting personalized cigarette packaging that relate to your customers with your brand too. If you also want to leverage more customers, we give special care to your brand’s display. Smokers can’t ignore the alluring and colorful boxes; they have bought your product by looking at a glance. We satisfy our customers’ needs by giving them tempting boxes design to showcase the brand’s identity effectively. Custom tobacco packaging boxes show your product differently and your trademark will always remain in trend. With our proficient services, you can also serve your valued customers at every branding step.  We add the extra appeal of:

  • Window-sheet, die-cut, or scored details
  • Use the Embossing, foiling, and lamination techniques
  • We use basic color methods of CMYK, PMS to induce customers’ minds


  • Get with unmatched printing details

The term creativity means that product packaging would give something unique and matchless in the product design. When it comes to printing, our designers mostly use colorful images, graphics, and colors that matched the brand’s image. Therefore, our goal is to prepare creative, soft, and lightweight wholesale cigarette boxes with thick cardboard. We also add tray and sleeve design that preserve the aroma and taste of the flavored cigarettes, which is further packaged with foil paper. So get your sample design and ask us about your favorite themes from us, we try to satisfy your brand’s needs.

  • Get the cost-effective promotional tool

Custom Cigarette Packaging becomes a favorite product for smokers. The reason is simple, we are providing a cost-effective bundling solution that is convenient and economical for the newcomers. So, you can easily buy these boxes from our online website and earn extra profits in your business.

  • Buy top-notch boxes to grow your tobacco company

Nowadays, Custom Printed Cigarette Boxes are considered an essential part of every fashion lover’s life. Therefore, we are giving enticing and impressive boxes that get the attention of customers instantly. You just need to tell us about your requirements and allow us to make the shape of your product. The Custom Packaging Hub creates a distinctive brand awareness that you loved or admired. So don’t waste your time and get our manufactured boxes and attain the top position in the tobacco market, place your order now.

Aqueous Coating

Clear, fast-drying, water-based, and eco-friendly coating. Available in gloss or matte finish.

UV Coating

Fast-drying coating cured with ultraviolet light. Available in gloss or matte finish.

Spot Gloss UV

UV coating that is applied to a specified area and cured using ultraviolet light.

Soft Touch Coating

Soft to the touch coating that creates a velvety texture for a more tactile appeal.


Clear coating applied using the CMYK printing method. Available in gloss, satin, or matte.


Laminated protective film that adheres to the surface of packaging materials to maximize durability.

Anti-scratch Lamination

Laminated BOPP film that is scratch, scuff, and fingerprint resistant. Cost-effective option.

Soft Touch / Silk Lamination

Soft to the touch lamination similar to peach skin. Available in a satin or matte finish.

Offset Print

High-quality printing method that utilizes a printing plate and rubber blanket to transfer designs on paper. Best for large runs.

Digital Print

Digital printing method that requires no printing plate. Designs are transferred electronically, making it cost-effective for small runs.

UV Print

Fast-drying printing method using ultraviolet lights to cure inks which results in a gloss finish.

Water-based Ink

Comprised of water and pigment that provides high-quality color output and is 100% eco friendly.

Soy / Vegetable Ink

100% eco friendly and comprised of soy/vegetable oil and pigment to provide a vibrant color output.

Oil Base Ink

Non-eco-friendly ink comprised of oil and pigment that provides high-quality color output.


Pure color based on specific ink formulas to consistenly and precisely print color.

Pantone Metallic

Metallic color based on specific ink formulas to consistenly and precisely print color.


Premium-grade bleached white paperboard coated on one side for high-quality printing and finishes.


Premium-grade bleached white paperboard coated on two sides for high-quality printing and finishes.


Duplex paperboard made from 90% recycled paper pulp with a white surface for high-quality printing.

Fully Recycled CCNB

Duplex paperboard coated on one side and made from 90% recycled paper pulp.

Natural Brown Kraft

Kraft paper made from a mix of virgin and recycled paper pulp, coated on both sides for printing.

White Kraft

Bleached kraft paper made from a mix of virgin and recycled pulp with coating on both sides for printing.

Black Kraft

Black dyed kraft paper made from a mix of virgin and recycled pulp, coated on both sides for printing.

Uncoated Unbleached Kraft

Unbleached kraft paper with no coating. Made from a mixture of virgin and recycled paper pulp.

Hot Foil Stamping

Form of relief printing in which foil is transferred to a surface at high temperatures.

Cold Foil Printing

Form of relief printing in which foil is transferred to a surface by pressing onto UV curable adhesives.

Registered Embossing

Form of relief printing in which a die is pressed on the back of the material to form a raised motif.

Combination Embossing

Combination between embossing and foil stamping. It creates a 3D motif that features a foil finish.

Window Patching

Die-cut shape is layered with plastic film to feature a window showcasing the product inside.

Blind Debossing

Form of relief printing in which dies is pressed on the front of the material to form a raised motif.

Blind Embossing

Form of relief printing in which dies is pressed on the back of the material to form a raised motif.


Measurement for the density of the paper stock.


Measurement for the thickness of the paper stock.


Fiberboard arches sandwiched between two linerboards.

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