What You Need To Know About Custom Kraft Boxes

If you are looking for packaging you will probably have come across custom Kraft boxes. These are a popular option nowadays that many brands are choosing. Some keep the simple brown boxes as they are. It is this color and the rustic look, strong nature, as well as sustainable aspect which makes these boxes popular in the market. It is possible for a brand to customize the boxes allowing them to get unique packaging which can stand out and attract shoppers to it. The boxes are strong and can protect many kinds of products.

The following provides you with some facts about Kraft packaging:

What is Kraft paper and how to make it?

Kraft paper tends to be a kind of paper resulting from pulp. A packaging supplier prepares it by employing the Kraft process.

It is virgin pulp or natural wood fiber that one uses to make this Kraft paper. This claims to have a higher ratio of Sulphur in comparison to other processes. The Sulphur ratio of this allows the fibers to remain strong and stops the degradation of cellulose occurring.

Coated and unbleached Kraft paper will not have any bleach and keeps its dark brown color. This paper is totally eco-friendly. But, one can even bleach it to make white pulp.

One can use Kraft paper to make corrugated cardboards. This can increase the strength of the box. It is therefore possible to create sturdy Kraft boxes according to the needs of what you are selling.

Eco-friendly in nature

Many brands select wholesale Kraft boxes due to their sustainable manufacturing process along with recyclability point. This allows your brand to make a conscious choice to use eco-friendly boxes and you will be helping your consumers limit their carbon footprint. This is when they recycle or compost the box.

It is important to know that if you want Kraft paper to be totally degradable and compostable, you should not coat it with any finishes.

Strong and versatile

Another popular point about custom printed Kraft boxes is that they are durable. It is possible for the packaging to resist moisture and handle heat as well as rough handling. They are a good option when one wants to package some heavy items such as electronics, and even delicate products such as jewelry.

The boxes are a good choice when one is looking for packaging that they can use for shipping and delivery as they are strong.

One can shape Kraft paper into different types of boxes. Therefore they are versatile. You can make rigid boxes, folding cartons, sleeve boxes, etc. with these. This is why a brand usually does not have to worry whether the packaging will suit their particular merchandise.

Cost-efficient solution

Many brands may keep the price of packaging in mind when choosing which one to get. It is important to choose a packaging option that can give you something of a good-quality that is also cost-efficient. This is where custom printed Kraft boxes are useful.

You can customize these using stickers, drawings, ribbons, etc. It is possible to do this at very reasonable prices as well.

The packaging can help a brand market itself and its products due to the customization properties of the boxes. You can be imaginative and create a box that will stand out. All this can be done at a reasonable cost.

A brand can print its details on the box like its brand logo which people will use for brand recognition. This will make shoppers know that your brand exists and they can see which products it sells in the market.

You can see that custom Kraft packaging boxes are indeed a popular choice which brands should consider using nowadays. You will get a box that will let your business be seen as a responsible one because the boxes are eco-friendly. The packaging is versatile also and can store many different products in it perfectly. The original look of the box stands out and a brand can even customize it according to what will attract their consumer base and what will be best for the product. It is important to choose packaging material like this which will help give a positive image of your business.

Custom Packaging Hub can provide you with high-quality custom Kraft boxes which they will help customize so that they are perfect for what you are selling. They have professionals who know how to do this.

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