Art of Folding A 1-2-3 Bottom Boxes: Step by Step Guide

what are 1-2-3 bottom boxes?

1-2-3 bottom boxes also known as snap lock boxes, auto bottom boxes, or auto lock boxes. These are kind of boxes that play greater role in level of security in contrast to tuck-end boxes. Because they required a little more time in putting together without the need of tape. Due to this additional level of security makes them ideal for many products. There is another benefit that increases the box’s strength such as extra flaps on the bottom. These bottom flaps are interlocked with each other for closure purposes. So there are the boxes that are used to hold the product for a long time period. For closing, the bottom flaps are interconnecting with each other. if you want to increase the strength from the bottom, an extra flap at the bottom is a possibility. They are more long lasting than tuck-top snap boxes and tuck-top bottom boxes.

Endurance of 1-2-3 bottom boxes:

The material which are used for manufacturing of bottom boxes is corrugated cardboard, which is made up of heavy paper pulp and stock of papers, pile up and form strong boxes perfect for heavy object packaging. Bottom boxes can be used to stock and carry away everything from electronics to food to decorative items. When it comes to packing and transfer your items, bottom boxes are a inevitable and decisive solution that will guarantee your goods reach at their destination safe and sound as well as in good state.


why 1-2-3 bottom boxes are best choice for packaging:

1-2-3 Bottom Box is one of the best choices for packaging heavy materials and has a proper locked bottom closure. These custom boxes are completely close from the bottom side, that’s why it can be used to pack all types of objects, including bulky objects in particular, as a whole. Another problem with other types of packaging boxes is that they cannot bear the weight of the product and are easily break or deteriorate. These boxes hold your goods efficiently because they are made of durable, strong and sturdy materials.

The main stress during making of the boxes is the security of available product up until it is hand over to the final buyer. That’s why, acquirement of packaging boxes with a bottom closure, like 1-2-3 bottom boxes, becomes decisive. So the boxes’ staying power and capacity to support heavy objects make them more worthy for the packaging of considerable items.

Folding art of 1-2-3 bottom boxes:

Bottom boxes which are made up of Cardboard can be closed Without the use of tape. For this we have to use the interlocking flap technique, where you set the last flat under a side flap. There are other ways such as using melt glue, staples, box flap closure, tie up with a rope, and use of self-locking boxes, etc.

Step by step folding of bottom boxes:

1-2-3 bottom boxes feature 4 step closure flaps at bottom that allow you to put together the box and fastly pack variety of items. when you will be packing by hand then you just have to fold, assemble the flaps and snap bottom lock to keep products in 1-2-3 bottom boxes, it’s that simple.

we will guide you with proper step by step method given below.

  • In the start, put the box with the bottom facing towards you and open it like a corrugated box.
  • Now here are four flaps at the bottom of the box. There are two straight sides and a cut-out in the Centre. We will fold the largest one downward, toward the centre of the bottom of the box.
  • In the next step, fold the two side flaps in, insert the edges of these flaps into the cut-out of first flap you folded. Now it will lock them in place.
  • Now we will fold the last flap upward, and insert its flap behind the other folded flaps. The bottom side properly locked into each other

Here it is, your 1-2-3 bottom box ready for the use. you can use this in various ways. We provide inventive packaging in the form of custom logo designed 1-2-3 bottom boxes. Which provide you the facility too shows off products, provide them brand credibility, and provide you ease. We put your choices at front and fulfil all your demand about bottom boxes. kindly give us call.

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